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Farm La Rosi

The farm La Rosi was founded in 1974 in Turri, a fraction of Montegrotto Terme, a town overlooking the Euganean Hills.

The founder, Rosanna, decided to recover the ancient winemaking tradition of family, creating a small farm in full respect of the territory and that then has developed over the years by using more advanced techniques.

The vines of the farm La Rosi are full this philosophy; in fact, they are always the same since 1960, even before the founding of the company.

This means that the production of amounts of grapes from vineyards so ancient, you get a high quality wine, always respecting the environment and biological techniques.

“The vineyard, unlike grains and many fruit trees, is not immediately productive cultivation: plant a vineyard is like taking a marriage with the Earth, is a gesture of great hope, which not coincidentally in the Bible poses as a first gesture from Noah after the flood. It means entering into an alliance with a piece of Earth, affirm that there, in that place, you want to dwell, you’d take the time to wait there and nowhere else the fruits of their work: culture and culture “radically” different from the nomadic is the vigna, a sort of honeymoon Pact between man and nature without which cannot be born the “civilization”. ” from “Il Pane di Ieri” by Enzo Bianchi prior of the monastic community of Bose.

The activity of the farm La Rosi is not limited to the production of quality wines but also extends to the cultivation of orchards and forestry.